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2013: here we go. Cataclysm resistance – although debatable, quantum discovery of the Higgs boson, political overhauls and financial decay, New York fashion mercatos, film, music, art, and others: the cerebral have had for their wrinkles. For Saywho, it is the era of the new breath and the steep slope, of those who rise. A new typeface, new sections: the socialites inhale for Smoking, the Bristol unveils Victoire and its magic mirror, and we Fiac all azimuths in the mysterious shadows of worldliness with added value. But what made, made and will make Saywho singularity, is the particular selection of the most effective cocktails to dress, which maculated the “glitter” side of a whirling year.

Even more in 2013, Saywho will advocate useful, equitable worldliness, worldliness that does not make waves but sweeps away sorrows. An example in 35 chapters of what he did best, the last 365 days of the supposed rest of our lives. B.B.”

Photos: Say Who
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