160 years of Le Bon Marché

Rive gauche


160 candles, it has to blow out with great pomp. Then how could the Good Market mark the occasion?

With a large retrospective, which retraces more than a century of creation and returns on the extraordinary course of Aristide Boucicaut and his wife, founders of the first department store of the name.
Following Catherine Deneuve on her beloved left bank, through the caustic eye of Loic Prigent and a dazzling docu of elegance projected on MK2’s big ephemeral screen.
By asking Marjane Satrapi to illustrate the showcases of his unique pencil, and decline them in ultra collector boxes.
By offering itself the exclusive creations of 160 houses, which revisit their flagship pieces just for its shelves.
And of course, by organizing a gigantic intra muros cocktail, with brass band, philharmonic orchestra, people, champagne, and cotillons.

A birthday in the most famous shop on the left bank, that’s what you get:

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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