29.05.2017 Club by Albane #cannes

2017 Cannes Film Festival: Best moments at Club by Albane

It began with a fiery kiss between Monica Bellucci and Alex Lutz. After eleven days of cinema and glamour, the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, which was presided over by Pedro Almodóvar, awarded Ruben Östlund’s “The Square” with the prestigious Palme d’Or. Diane Kruger and Joaquin Phoenix left with every actor most-wanted award, while Sofia Coppola was presented the Best Director award for “Les Proies”. Before the long-awaited awards ceremony, the Festival offered great moments of cinema and glamour, with the bonus of a few events such as the acclaimed return of David Lynch’s cult series “Twin Peaks”, while Netflix’s “Okja” seemed to be struck by a curse during its screening. Anecdotes aside, this anniversary edition of the Festival brought together the biggest names in cinema, from Nicole Kidman to Colin Farrell to Isabelle Huppert, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Robert Pattinson, all of whom (on one or more occasions) graced with their presence the inevitable Club by Albane. It is in this exclusive venue, opened every year by Albane Cleret at the Marriott, that actors, directors, producers and the Festival’s key faces have come together, day after day, to bring Cannes nights to life. We take a look back at its best moments.


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