24h at Calvi on the Rocks w/ Havana Club

Calvi, Corse


The day after the Marc by Marc Jacobs evening, which was in full swing around the pool at the Mariana Hotel, Saywho met up with the Havana Club embassy for 24 hours of music in minty music. Hotspot of Mojito calvais, the beach of Bout du Monde welcomes every year the small Cuban enclave, which programs – beyond its cocktails – electronic line-ups of the most attractive. On the fine sand of the Corsican bay, only one watchword: idleness! A call to summer torpor, which the festival-goers hastened to answer.

Once washed of all solar protection and full of the local gastronomy frantically engulfed in the terrace of A Piazzetta, the team of mixologists met at the Théâtre de Verdure for the last series of lives. On the evening program: Workerz, Laëtitia Dana, Har Mar Superstar, De La Soul Live Band (Oh yes!) and the conclusive set by Pedro Winter. A crazy night of soul flights and electro vibrations, Havana Club mojitos screwed to the fist and panama on the chef. Best-of. BB

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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