16.10.2021 Passage de Retz, Paris #art

Adel Abdessemed presents ‘Die Taubenpost’ in Paris

With ‘Die Taubenpost’, Adel Abdessemed reverses the popular image of the carrier pigeon and transforms it into a destructive bird. An image commonly associated with the transmission of messages, the carrier pigeon becomes the representation of a time bomb through this monumental work – that of the fear of the other and terrorism threatening peace in our society. Upon invitation of Jacqueline Frydman, the artist born in Constantine in 1971 uses the harmless image of this bird of the everyday (a common motif in his work) to embody the omnipresence of the armed forces in the city. The bird no longer carries a message but a literal bomb. On display until November 7, the work was inaugurated this week at the Passage de Retz in the presence of many personalities such as Isabelle Huppert, Bernard Blistène, Didier Krzentowski, Jean Nouvel, Elie Top and Hervé Chandès.

Photos : François Goizé


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