When it is rumoured that an adidas party will soon take place, you can be sure that all your aficionados will be there. Especially if the evening in question is the result of a collaboration with Hypebeast, reference of street culture. It must be said that Adidas, well beyond its primary identity as a sports equipment manufacturer, has demonstrated over the years its ability to federate an audience of faithful (young and cool, it must be said) who swear by its three bands. The launch party for the adidas Originals EQT model for autumn-winter 2017, which also coincided with Hypebeast’s arrival in France, was sure to be a huge success. And that’s an understatement. With all due respect to some, it wasn’t the kind of evening you could afford to arrive fashionably late, as the Orbe New York was already packed to capacity just minutes after the festivities began. But for those who managed to sneak in, the evening kept all its promises. In an underground atmosphere, with fiery performances of PNL and S Pri Noir, the frenzy quickly carried away the crowd in which one could meet the Karabatic brothers or the Gucci Gang girls. Around 11 pm, halfstreet, half-futurist creatures made their way through the compact crowd for an almost tribal parade, before transforming themselves into one-night statues on the square (wet by the pouring rain) of the Palais de Tokyo.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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