It was when moving houses that Léa Chabaa had an illumination: she had accumulated way too many clothes over the years. From that, an idea was born: creating her own brand, ADN Paris. Completely shifting her report to clothes, she focuses on essentials that you can wear you whole life through. The journey began with ORIGIN, the first white shirt she designed for her brand. Today, Léa Chabaa put it back under the spotlight with a strong artistic project : ADN loves ART. During lockdown, she bumped into 30 prototypes of her famous white shirt, and couldn’t ever consider throwing them away. She contacted artist friends and gave them carte blanche. The only rule: to use the shirt as a blank canvas. Today the project has grown and ADN loves ART now gathers 7 artists : Tiffany Bouelle, Zahra Holm, Marguerite Wibaux, Florence Bamberger, Misterpiro, Arsène Welkin and Antoine de Pins. From October 1st to 6th, their pieces were exhibited in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement. It was also the occasion for Léa to invite her family and friends to discover the project during a party with live music from Marine Neuilly. Following the exhibition, the works will be auctioned thanks to We Give Collab, and the funds raised will be donated to charity.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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