André’s Dinner x The Company

Hotel Grand Amour


Freshly opened by the highly qualified association André Saraiva x Thierry Costes x Emmanuel Delavenne, the Grand Amour hotel promises to be the epicentre of fashion nights for the months to come – before another comes to spoil the rue de la Fidélité party by making great noise elsewhere. After the Fooding, Radiooooo and some other confidential meetings between French talents, the master of the place hosted the first fash’ dinner with La Compagnie, newcomer of the air who promises you Paris/New-York in business at unbeatable prices. Glenn O’Brien, Léa Seydoux, Emmanuel Perrotin and the Big Apple office came to celebrate the news. The story doesn’t say who got laid next. Paris has its secrets that fashion ignores.

Photos: Jean Picon
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