27.09.2012 Paradis Latin #fashion

Anna Dello Russo x H&M party

We expected nothing less from the mischievous papesse of bling couture. To seal her collaboration with H&M in night-time memories, the one who wears nightwear during the day has had her “fashion shower” run in the Paradis Latin auditorium, a delicious cabaret unjustly ignored in the 5th arrondissement. The most expected fashion ramdam of the hexagonal fashion week saw all that fashion counts more worldly: tops, designers, socialites, and consorts. The Karla Otto spectrum hovers over this abnormally dense crowd in it-people.

23h. The “gallldian of fashion” makes its entrance in a laughing limousine, alongside about ten ersatz engrossed in vinyl micro-bodies. You have to “express your freedom through your look”, it seems. Anna Dello Russo’s hysterical hit is looping. Bass is rumbling. Around us, the guests are dressed with dubious attributes: wigs, veils, AdR masks… everything that will annihilate elegance and restraint seems good to take. We even have the right to baked goods featuring the editor. Narcissus must turn over in his grave, but the sauce takes, and the fashion exults.

Midnight. Full house. We amuse ourselves with some intoxicated accounts of the Balmain and Lanvin shows. Sometimes dithyrambic, sometimes murderous, always evasive. Azaelia Banks is the second attraction of the evening. Her relentless flow and scabrous lyrics propelled her among the stars, but it was thanks to Karl Lagerfeld that the New York rapper earned her fashion stripes by becoming Kaiser’s best friend. Unfortunately, she will soon be dumped for a cat, but that evening Azaelia ensures the show.

At 1 o’clock in the morning, the eccentricities of the one who has “fashion for alphabet” reach a paroxysmal level: Anna enters on stage from the roof to deliver a cabaret version of her “fashion shower”. Ecstasy, continuation and end.

If you haven’t seen the video, you won’t have understood anything in this editorial, but don’t forget your third lesson: “Fashion is always uncomfollltable, if you feel comfollltable, you’ll never get the look”. Mass is said. B.B.

Photos: Virgile Guinard


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