Around the Martinez pool with L’Oréal Paris



It is a tradition that has become secular for the great L’Oréal Paris machine and its muses: every day before the climb of the stairs and other social obligations in the evening, the pupils of the house meet around the Martinez swimming pool for a photocall session with champagne.

Needless to say, with a concentration of precious stones as dense as that of the amfAR, this brief and glamorous moment is the best kept of the Croisette and probably the whole side of Azure. Don’t think about taking a dip there either, like Helen Mirren, because around the pool the”red carpet” outfit remains an imponderable, preferably haute couture.

Throughout the fortnight, our photographers Virgile Guinard and Jean Picon worked to make these meetings eternal. For all our sakes.

Photos: Jean Picon et Virgile Guinard
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