Astier de Villatte: signature of “Ma Vie à Paris”

Le Molière - Paris 1er


In 2016, the Astier de Villatte galaxy expands. In addition to handmade ceramic objects, perfumed products, tile patterns and random colours, a publishing house and its first publication have been added:”My life in Paris”.

The premise of a collection about their favourite cities, this black-and-white illustrated guide to Paris compiles the personal addresses of Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte, from the most awaited to the most secret and unusual, in an utra-chic format with a false air of a novel. The duo describes with force small details and illustrations full of charm the atmosphere of these Parisian places where they feel well. It is the only guide in the world to be printed on typographic presses. Collector, then. Review of the signature party at Molière.

Photos: Say Who
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