At the table of the association Va Faire Cooking Un Oeuf

Bob’s Bake Shop


You probably know the expression “will cook you an egg”, a kind of invitation to go elsewhere. But for Letizia Calcamo and Anouk Biard, it is rather an incentive to action and mutual aid. With their project Va Faire Cuire un Oeuf, which very quickly became a non-profit organization, the two young women are embracing the alarming situation in which refugees from Africa and the Middle East find themselves. Faced with the inhuman living conditions they face in the streets of Paris, Letizia and Anouk offer them the warmth of a healthy meal (boiled eggs, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables) with the help of numerous volunteers and professionals during weekly tours. Like Bob’s Bake Shop which hosted this week the second edition of the charity dinner of the association. In an atmosphere of celebration and unity carried away by a DJ set of Louise Chen, the guests participated by their presence in the fund-raising that will support the association in its actions to help refugees. So how about we go cook an egg?

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