The American artist Sheila Hicks is in the spotlight with “Lignes de vie”, her first retrospective in France. Proof that even with a career dating back to the 1950s, the 83-year-old artist is still experiencing firsts. Sheila Hicks, a major artist for her work in textiles and colours, left her native America to settle in Paris more than fifty years ago. This retrospective under the curatorial direction of Michel Gauthier brings together 140 works sweeping the entire route (1957-2018) of that which was the pupil of the great Josef Albers. Jamie McCourt, the U.S. ambassador to France, was expected and noticed when she came to greet her fellow artist, accompanied by her grandson. Sheila Hicks’ work does not know the generations and, as the Centre Pompidou proves until April 30th, the borders.

Photos: Julien Weber
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