The Paris men’s fashion shows gave way to women’s haute couture creations in the French capital. But unlike other labels, Acne Studios chose to show its new ready-to-wear women’s collections at this time. Jonny Johansson, Artistic Director of the Swedish label, invited guests like musician Jeanne Added, actress Alice Isaaz and illustrator Richard Haines to attend the presentation of his Spring-Summer collection at the Maison de la Radio–in the same rooms where male models had walked a few days ago. Same space but different atmosphere: the seats were covered with semi-transparent black paper, and the starting point of the collection was inspired by the famous Swedish playwright and artist August Strindberg, and the naturalism he evoked. “The choice to live in nature can be a radical act. I find it very poetic, but also real,” Johansson  explained in backstage. “I have always been attracted to… how the way of life is reflected in clothes. The idea of escape has never been more important.” With the OK of the Strindberg Foundation, the designer beautifully printed paintings upon pieces in the collection.

Photos: Jean Picon
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