Audi Talents Gallery, 10 years of support for emerging creation

23 rue du Roi de Sicile


Celebrating a decade of support for young French creation, the Audi talents awards cultural sponsorship program inaugurated its Audi talents gallery in the heart of the Parisian creative centre at 23, rue du Roi de Sicile. Until May 30,2017, this space of creation and exchange will offer 5 exhibitions led by its artistic committee composed of Vincent Carry, Gaël Charbau René-Jacques Mayer and Carole Scott. The exhibitions of Isabelle Daëron for design, Florent and Romain Bodart for music with images, Bertrand Dezoteux for contemporary art and Magali Magistry for short films will be followed by a transdisciplinary anniversary exhibition. This program is also enriched by a series of round tables, meetings, screenings and workshops to further explore the talents of today and tomorrow.

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