Azzaro Wanted perfume launch party

8 rue Valois - Paris 1er


Opposite the garden of the Royal Palace, the Valois area welcomed last Thursday evening the launch of its new men’s fragrance named’Wanted’ and created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin.

In you of this new scent, you will become (if it is not already the case) a modern and hedonistic hero in search of adventures and encounters. You will burn life at both ends and have for mantra””Happiness is now!””. At least that’s the promise of Wanted, a resolutely masculine fragrance that subtly blends lemon, ginger, cardamom, pyrogen dace, tonka bean and vetiver essences.

As for the launch party, it smelled like testosterone thanks to the fragrance’s muse, the Nikolaï Danielsen model, and the series of animations created by GoodNight to match the subject – gleaming bikes, miniature football and James Bond’s car in mind.

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