“Wonder Boy” Olivier Rousteing pushed the envelope once again with his Men’s Fashion Week show in Paris. On the runway: “modern-day nomads, who are navigating seas, plains and dunes, while awed by the dazzling magnificence of the galaxies above and the earth’s tones below,” in Rousteing’s own words. Off the runway: stars from all over the galaxy including Camille Razat, Rome Flynn, Sasha Luss, Kiddy Smile, Siobhan Bell, and Neymar… The collection blended French luxury with the designer’s multicultural identity and signature penchant for excitement. The show also marked the debut of Balmain Eyewear by Japanese brand Akoni. The unisex collection featuring the work of Japanese craftsmen will launch in April. “Watching wildfires burn and hearing about glaciers continuing to melt makes it clear that we are perhaps too focused on the small issues, while ignoring the very real danger of losing the beauty that’s right there, just in front of all of us.” –Olivier Rousteing Discover the collection and all of the famous faces from the front row below.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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