Ba&sh’s 10th anniversary party

21, rue Etienne Marcel


It was a party on every floor last night in the ba&sh shop on rue Etienne Marcel. And for good reason: The ready-to-wear brand created in 2004 by girlfriends Barbara and Sharon celebrated its tenth anniversary with candy, music and champagne. So as the score of the success was written for four hands, the two inseparable had the idea to publish a series of anniversary photos, featuring some couples dear to the spirit of the house, including Irma and her school BFF, which was performing live on the floor of the shop (Irma, not the BFF).

With the complicity of SAYWHO, the shop gathered for the occasion a joyful and pretty band of friends, the time of an evening which flew in the towers on the electro soundtrack of Supa Ju. Not too much is enough? Yes, it is.”

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