Beard in the spotlight with the Bic Shave Club at Gentlemen 1919

Gentlemen 1919


This week, the Bic Shave Club took up residence at Gentlemen 1919, barber of the Mermoz street in the 8th district of Paris. In an old school atmosphere inspired by the best speakeasy, these gentlemen came to discover the latest concept of the Bic house. The principle: to propose to the male customer a service of delivery of razor blades on the basis of a subscription, simple and flexible, so that never the problem of the last blade which hurts arises. Bearded men of all kinds rushed to 11 rue Jean Mermoz in the 8th arrondissement of Paris to be pampered by professional hands and to take part in Bic’s shave revolution, without forgetting to leave with the essential five-blade razor in hand. To these gentlemen, join the club!

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