25.05.2022 Terrasse by Albane #cannes

Behind the scenes at the Cannes Film Festival: Say Who portraits by Valentin Le Cron

The Cannes Festival also means press junkets. Only top journalists from all over the world have access to these privileged meetings to interview all the most important personalities of the Cannes Fortnight. Traditionally, everything takes place on the Terrace by Albane with a breathtaking view of the Croisette. Yes, you’re not mistaken: it’s also here, at the legendary Albane Cleret’s terrace, where, at night, the stars dance until late. A perfect opportunity for one of Say Who’s veteran collaborators, Valentin Le Cron, to create for us a series of portraits, emblematic of the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron

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