Organize an exhibition entitled “Bouquets” at Villa Rose, nothing more natural. In November, Séverine Redon, founder of this jewel case where vegetation is queen, invited the photographer Benjamin Henon to exhibit a series of six photographs composed hand in hand with Pierre Banchereau, floral decorator and founder of Maison Debeaulieu. For this ephemeral exhibition (as is the beauty of a bouquet), Pierre Banchereau’s floral compositions spin in a dynamic spiral in front of Benjamin Henon’s inspired lens. A will, in his words, “to express the sometimes underestimated energy of the plant”. The result: six powerful, even exhilarating photographs that dress the walls of the Villa Rose. While the capital is bustling around the Paris Photo event, “Bouquets” offers an inspired parenthesis to all those who, tired of the tumult of the city, dream of escaping for a moment.

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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