15.02.2022 21 Rue Blanche, Paris #art

Benjamin Seroussi directs six films for Koki Nakano’s new album

A creative studio bringing together the worlds of art and cinema, Art Bridge – Quad Group just celebrated the release of Koki Nakano’s second album. The composer and pianist is also known for composing “Brise Lames”, the latest creation of choreographer Damien Jalet presented at the season opening of Opéra Garnier. For the album’s release, Art Bridge produced a series of films dedicated to contemporary dance. The films directed by Benjamin Seroussi were presented during a screening in Paris earlier this week. Entitled “Oceanic Feeling”, the album will be released on May 16 under the No Format label. It includes the tracks “Glances”, choreographed and performed by dancer Tess Voelker, or “Port de Bras”, choreographed and performed by Mourad Bouayad at the Carmignac Foundation. Art Bridge is part of Quad, the audiovisual production company behind the films “Intouchables”, “Hors Normes” and “Le Sens de la Fête”.

Photos : Thomas Smith

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