BHV MARAIS Cocktail in honour of Marcel Duchamp



Last weekend the BHV MARAIS received the Marcel Duchamp Association to celebrate the centenary of the artist’s letter to his sister, in which his first mention of the”Ready Made” and the”bottle holder” acquired at the BHV appears. Original event: the evening was organized in connection with the MOMA of NY as part of”The Ready Made: A centennial celebration”.

On January 15, 1916, while in New York, Marcel Duchamp wrote a letter to his sister Suzanne, in which he first mentioned the term”Ready Made”. Several instructions follow concerning a”bottle holder” acquired a few years before at the BHV MARAIS, while he was in Paris. This”bottle holder” is one of Marcel Duchamp’s emblematic Ready-Mades. Here he is today on the roof of the Parisian department store.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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