27.02.2015 Yoyo - Palais de Tokyo

Brodinski ‘Brava’ release party album

It’s a long time ago when Brodinski was hanging out on Myspace, with talent to spare, from his fiefdom in Remy. Today, the hip-hop DJ has become one of the leaders of French electro (not to say French Touch because we’re a bit fed up with it), has founded his label Bromance and has made lawn full in all the festivals of the planet, all between two artistic collaborations with the fine flower of Parisian creation.

The ultimate consecration, Louis is now releasing’Brava’, his very first album containing all kinds of nuggets and whose visual identity has been entrusted to the no less talented Creative Sweatshop. The DJ-producer’s friends were quick to celebrate the release at the Yoyo with a Dantesque release party that smells of success.


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