06.03.2018 38, rue du Mont-Thabor 75001 #luxury

Brooke Gregson’s talismans arrive at White Bird’s

White Bird is a well-known home to designer jewelry lovers. In the boutique dedicated to creativity and inspiration, there was no better time than Paris Fashion Week to organize an exceptional trunk show dedicated to Brooke Gregson, the designer invited by White Bird founder Stéphanie Roger. In the Rue du Mont-Thabor shop (which is one of the two addresses of White Bird in Paris), friends and followers gathered to discover the “Talisman” collection on sale until March 17th. It was indeed the perfect night to find one’s lucky jewel created from unique stones. While everyone gets lost in the jewels’ reflections, Pépite takes us out of our dreams with an electric showcase in the boutique’s intimate atmosphere of the boutique. In a Paris taken over by fashion, it was time to make room for Brooke Gregson’ inspired jewelry.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron

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