27.02.2017 Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche #fashion

But what did Loïc Prigent hear at Bon Marché Rive Gauche?

Welcomed to the sound of the traditional “binioù”, it is in a purely Breton atmosphere that the guests of Bon Marché had the pleasure to discover the new exhibition of the department store in partnership with Loïc Prigent. “Heard at the Good Market” is a collection of sentences gleaned here and there by the journalist who is a fan of the worldly tweet and which gives rise to a series of objects (from the postcard to the snowball) on which are written in black letters some of the best “stolen quotes” to regulars or customers of a day at the Good Market Left Bank. If the immaculate white dominating the large entrance gave an almost divine dimension to the objects meticulously placed on the displays, the heady – and incessant – sound of the binioù and the Breton dances performed in rounds added a cheerful almost folkloric touch to the party. At the bend of the pancake stand taken by assault, we did not miss the arrival of Marie-Agnès Gillot, noticed for a moment by the photographers, just like Inès de la Fressange who enjoyed the obvious humour of quotes printed on tote bags, like””I want a heel that makes a beautiful sexy noise when I walk””. #Entenduaubonmarché

“Heard at the Bon Marché” by Loïc Prigent, from February 24 to April 2, 2017.

Photos: Jean Picon et Virgile Guinard

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