08.07.2012 Théâtre de verdure #music

Calvi, night III

Three groups for the third night of the Green Theatre: Total Warr, WhoMadeWho, and the much anticipated The Rapture. We miss the first one, the line for dinner at A Piazzetta is too dense. WhoMadeWho delivers the best performance of these first days: rock-electro skillfully dosed, calibrated rise in power, almost perfect audience capture. Jeppe Kjellberg, venerable singer of the band, climbs the speakers, slams, pulls his straps. We exult in backstage, the hair beads, and the girls hop. Hard to go after such a hypnotic performance. But The Rapture is, wisely, elegantly, like a true association of New York hipsters raised to London rock. It lacks a great stage prowess, but we’re conquered. What a night!

Photos: Jean Picon et Virgile Guinard


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