Beca Lipscombe and Lucy McKenzie have more in common than their Scottish heritage. The fashion designer and artist—both are fascinated by the ornament and by the history of the motif— joined forces in 2007 to create the label Atelier E. B. After an exhibition at Serpentine Gallery in London last autumn, the two are now presenting their work at Lafayette Anticipations, in the heart of the Marais in Paris. At the crossroads between contemporary creation, fashion history and museography, the exhibition presents their latest collection, “Jasperwear.” The collection is shown alongside archives, based on their research regarding the role of the model. Beca Lipscombe and Lucy McKenzie also invited contemporary artists, including Zoe Ghertner and Tauba Auerbach, to produce devices on which to present clothing from their previous collections, as a way to reflect on modeling and clothing. In this dreamlike landscape, Lafayette Anticipations also celebrated the opening of Parisian artist Camille Blatrix’s first monograph, “Fortune.” It provides a dialogue with the hybrid universe of the Scottish artists: Camille Blatrix’s approach to sculpture draws inspiration from manufactured objects. Mixing metal, wood and plastic, her works contrast industry with manual work. These sculptures with their particular aura are presented under the glass-topped roof of the Lafayette Anticipations exhibition tower. Both shows are on view through April 28.

Photos: Jean Picon
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