14.06.2022 Madrid #luxury

“Les Beautés du Monde” : Cartier reveals its new High Jewelry collection in Madrid

Confronting architectural brutalism with the minerality of gems – this is the challenge that Cartier Maison set itself during the presentation of new high jewelry creations in Madrid, in the amazing “Embassy”. Former home of the British diplomatic mission in Spain, the circular building, imagined by the duo of architects WS Bryant and Luis Blanco Soler in the 60s, has stood unused since 2009, and is little known among the general public. But Cartier saw its unique beauty and decided to give it a new life (the restoration works took a few months). Reminiscent of a bullring, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece of architectural design-thinking, also evokes the nidation. A fertile idea that a fountain in its center comes to irrigate opportunely. What better source of inspiration for a jeweler than the combination of stones and nature? None, and this is undoubtedly the central idea of the new collection entitled “Les Beautés du Monde” (French for Beauties of the World). At the launch event, held in the gardens of the prestigious Palazzo de Liria, a surprise concert by the Black Eyes Peas set the audience ablaze, and we saw Jisoo, Bianca Brandolini, Mariacarla Boscono and Emma Chamberlain dancing till late…

Photos: François Goizé

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