Castle in Flowers party

Château d'Ilbarritz - Bidart


The incredible party of the week, the one not to be missed under any circumstances, the one that leaves more memories than her first kiss and that could make a Jewish wedding look like a funeral oration, was Castle in Flowers, last weekend, in the sandy stretches of the Basque Country.

To reopen the doors of the mythical Château d’Ilbarritz, the businessman and media personality Bruno Ledoux offered himself a large biarrotic bacchanal, accompanied by the sculptural tandem Sabrina Bellino / Priscilla de Laforcade. A”Peace & Love” party, but above all a musical one, like a resurrection of Woodstock surfing sauce, with a live Boney M, food trucks in a mess, more flowers than a Dior Couture show, tipis, mandala, and other relics from the hippie era… before the ballroom opens at midnight with the roar of the great organ tamed by the writer Mathieu Terence.

So many nocturnal incantations to entertain the ghost of Baron de l’Espée, the illustrious and former owner of the place, but also and especially the 2500 back in the 70’s guests led by the joyful troupe Frédéric Beigbeder, Hélène de Fougerolles, Karen Mulder, Nicolas Bedos, Augustin Trapenard Virginie Efira & consorts. The party!

Before the doors of the castle close again for two years of work under the leadership of Ora Ito and the phoenix of Ilbarritz is reborn from its ashes in a luxurious Basque hotel, it is whispered that there are still some summer surprises in store. Case to follow.

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