06.11.2016 Rue des Saints-Pères #art

Charliewood x MAC: Holy Father’s Street in the colours of Charlie Le Mindu

A Sunday evening almost ordinary rue des Saints-Pères, until the moment when metallic and colourful reflections attract attention towards the MAC Cosmetics boutique. In the shop window, glittering and colourful creatures come to life: CharlieWood’s dancers, the fantastic and fantastical multi-disciplinary magazine imagined by the “hairdresser” Charlie Le Mindu in 2016 at the Palais de Tokyo, presided over the reopening of the iconic boutique of the cosmetics brand.

Around these celestial bodies “”dressed”” with colours and textures that have made MAC Cosmetics an essential part of make-up, a constellation of artistic personalities as varied as the brand’s palettes. The guests – Marie Beltrami, Yazbukey, Luka Ionesco, Igor Dewe – were the first to discover the shop’s new design, with a great deal of space dedicated to the professional range, VIP make-up stations and a library space featuring books by the world’s leading photographers and artists.


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