Chaumet Revelations Caesar 2014 Evening

Salons Chaumet - 12, Place Vendôme


For the past 10 years, Chaumet and the Académie des César have combined their respective jewels to highlight the young talents of French acting. Sponsored by experienced actors and directors, the 32 hopefuls made their first steps (for some) in the social evenings with the reception given by the jewelry house in its lounges at 12 Place Vendôme. To immortalize these young shoots of the 7th art, each year the cinematographic institution asks a photographer/director to imagine an exhibition/short film gathering them all, presented that evening under the opulent ceilings of the Hôtel particulier. An evening concluded with a big dinner at the Meurice. Which of the 16 girls and 16 boys will receive the 2014 César for Best Prospect? Answer on 28 February next.

Photos: Clémence Demesme
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