One year already: Jean-Baptiste Charpenay-Limon’s home-store concept”Chez Moi, Paris” lives its Parisian boutique life in the heart of rue Hérold, offering for 365 days now its sharp selection of furniture, works of art, ready-to-wear, literature and a whole bunch of rare objects to pick up… in the owner’s apartment. A true concept in the concept, then, which gives pride of place to contemporary signatures but also to Jean-Baptiste’s circle of friends, notably Coperni Femme’s duo Sébastien Meyer/Arnaud Vaillant or Ora Ito, both in a good place in his living room – on hangers or shelves.

So if you want to buy his bed, leave with his flowers, take his coffee table or get his paintings (offer you his life, in short), go to 25 Herold Street, a few numbers from Place des Victoires.

To read or reread Jean-Baptiste’s portrait on the occasion of the opening of’Chez moi, Paris’, it’s here: http://www.saywho.fr/intimes/188/chez-moi-paris/


Photos: Romain Mayoussier
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