Two industrial robots each wave a large black silk flag. In unison, they set out, twirling their banners at first simultaneously, then gradually adopting personal circumvolutions. The synchronous movement turns into conflict, the banners meet but do not touch. Elsewhere, a large projection shows two dancers, bodies intermingled in complex postures, one would say superhuman, so that the visitor gets lost in the limbs, the flesh, without always being able to distinguish the limit of the bodies. These are “Black Flags” (2015) and “Aligninung”, two flagship works of “Choreographic Objects”, William Forsythe’s exhibition at the Gagosian Le Bourget Gallery. A radical choreographer, Forsythe is known for his artistic installations mixing sculpture and video. The works exhibited at the Gagosian until 22 December have never been shown in Paris before. So it was not surprising to see, among the guests at the inauguration, some great names like Peter Lindbergh, Doug Aitken or Hans-Ulrich Obrist. A must live.

Photos: Jean Picon
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