Christofle’Madison VI’ Dinner



Christofle has chosen to place this year under the sign of the extraordinary: going beyond the limits of reality, defying codes and techniques, the 2015 collections give new life to our imagination. A new chapter of the Silver Moments opens with Les Folies a series of rare pieces by international designers.

French cabinetmaker Philippe Hurel, author of The Prestige Chest, Chinese artist Xiao Hui Wang, creator of the sculpture Love, and British decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard, designer of the exuberant Silver Kingdom crowns, lent their masterful hands to the exercise.

Commissioned by Christofle for a unique work symbolic of the brand’s spirit, Slovak artist Tomá%u0161 Libertíny, a fan of experimental design, proposed a giant beeswax teapot called Thousand Years. Finally, the figure of the hexagon with its six sides stands out as the Ariadne’s thread of this season, connecting the objects of the Madison 6 collection to each other.

To launch this new initiative combining art, design and money, the house invited friends and designers to a dinner in the salons of Lapérouse.

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