Citadium party w/ Flowters and Mobb Deep Breakers

Citadium Caumartin


Citadium’s flagship has been refurbished. After the opening of two boutiques in Toulon and Marseille, the 6,000 m2 Haussmann awning has been redesigned from top to bottom. More than ever, the giant temple of street-culture is THE meeting place for youth and fashion, offering Paris the largest and most honest selection of urban items.

So, to reopen the doors of this institution after works, Citadium put the small dishes in the big ones and screwed sneakers and cap the time of a musical evening downright Dantesque. 2,000 people, gleaming corners transformed into pose-champagne, a flock of young idols (from all fields) and, on stage, the cream of the crop with the lives of Casseurs Flowters (Orelsan’s composition) and the venerated Mobb Deep. An unforgettable orchestrated by Les Gros Mots.

01 55 31 74 00

Photos: Cédric Canezza
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