Clap de début pour Salò à l’ occasion de Paris Photo

Salò, 142 rue Montmartre


On the occasion of Paris Photo, the official opening of Salò, the new place signed by Manifesto (also at the controls of Silencio and Nuits Fauves) took place on November 10th, an “artistic club dedicated to alternative movements attached to the principles of counter-culture, independence or free expression” whose name refers to Pasolini’s 1976 film,”Salò ou les 120 jours de Sodome”.

If the most advanced critics will criticize this underground that dares to be more unifying, the cultural All-Paris will appreciate this intergenerational mix that mixes the underground and former public of the Social Club that this first official evening has hinted at. Antoine d’ Agata followed in the footsteps of Abel Ferrara, and the audience included the artist José Levy, Clément Corraze and DJ Krikor, who mingled with an audience of evening producers, who were accustomed to nightlife, in a skillfully rough décor.

Instead of the late Social Club, 142 rue Montmartre is back to life with this concept at the crossroads of an artistic performance and clubbing, with artistic direction provided by Coralie Gauthier and Anne-Claire Gallet. To be continued, then.

Photos: Chantapitch Wiwatchaikamol
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