Closerie des Lilas Prize 2015

Boulevard du Montparnasse


Created in 2007 with and for women, the Prix de la Closerie des Lilas is an original award for a French-language novelist whose work is published in the fall of January. For 8 years, the vocation of the Prize co-founded by Carole Chrétiennot has been to independently promote women’s literature. And what women!

Invited this year to join the jury: Aure Atika, Anne Barrère, Lydia Bacrie, Catherine Ceylac, Aurélie Filippetti, Pascale Frey, Farida Khelfa, Sarah Lavoine, Amélie Nothomb and Elisabeth Roudinesco. More than ever, Emmanuelle de Boysson, Adélaïde de Clermont Tonnerre, Carole Chrétiennot, Stéphanie Janicot, Jessica Nelson and Tatiana de Rosnay have this year awarded the Prize to Saïdeh Pakravan for her novel Azadi published by Belfond. Earnings? 3 000 euros, invited for 1 year to the Closerie des Lilas and the recognition of her peers.

Second and final prize: the Prix Lilas de l’Académie de la Closerie 2015 was awarded to the very Germanopratine Marceline Loridan-Ivens (Et tu n’es pas retour, Grasset). Awarded by the Académie Lilas, composed of the previous juries of the Prix de la Closerie des Lilas, it rewards a woman with a work or activities related to writing. Do you follow? It’s all about flowers & women.

At the end of the evening, the evening that follows is always the opportunity to move in the greatest concentration of writers per m2. Of both sexes, but above all feminine, we meet the top 10 sales by sipping our cocktail, a glass in one hand, a cigarette in the other. As if the beautiful life had regained its rights, in this secular enclave of elegance and spirit.

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