Cocktail Lee w/ Chateau Marmont

Rue du faubourg St Antoine


Lee is 125 years old! And to celebrate its century and quarter of existence, the brand has programmed a series of very special projects throughout its jubilee year. The most prestigious of them? Four designers at the head of successful houses were invited to give their vision of the most popular pieces and washings of US jeans: Dowan Harrell (Prps) and the Swedish Orjan Andersson for the Men’s collection; the trio of Filles à Papa (Sarah and Carol Piron, Grégory Derkenne) with Emma Fraçois (founder of Sessùn) for the Women’s collection. A clever mix of tradition and future prospects, on sale now in Lee boutiques.

But before the shopping, let’s celebrate: to mark the beginning of the prgrams, the brand hosted a cocktail in its shop in the rue du faubourg St Antoine. The duo Chateau Marmont was on set.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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