Cold Sun Opening

Palais de Tokyo


After Imagine the Imaginary, with Soleil Froid, the Palais de Tokyo reveals the surface of a strange world where “unsuspected spaces” are born, which the many guest artists each explore in their own way.
Among these, Julio le Parc, a major figure in kinetic art, takes possession of part of the wasteland with a series of luminous works and other monumental installations commissioned by Daria de Beauvais.
Another module: that of François Curlet, artist adept at diverting objects who signs his first monographic exhibition in Paris, called “Fugu”.
Finally, the exhibition “Orange juice” by the winners of the Marcel Duchamps Prize 2013 – Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel.
The other part of the programme is to be discovered at the Palais de Tokyo until 20 May 2013.

Photos of works: Claudia Benhamou

Photos: Michael Huard
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