Colette Pool Party

Piscine Molitor


It was the event of spring: after years of wasteland, left for dead in the heart of the dashing 16th arrondissement, the Piscine Molitor was reborn from its ashes under the impetus of a large hotel group. The swimming pool, inaugurated in 1929, is now a five-star complex with a hotel, SPA, restaurant (with Yannick Alléno à la carte, again) and two rehabilitated ponds. The logically prohibitive prices on this small enclave of paradise for wealthy sportsmen has caused the most modest residents to talk, but it seems that “it was that, or nothing”. Take it or leave it, then.

So before having to pay the 180 euros daily giving you access to the temple art deco of the rocky well-being, it was welcome to answer the invitation of Colette, who organized a retro pool party to celebrate the longest day (and perhaps also the music festival, but we doubt it). The opportunity to take a tonic aqua-gym class, do a few lengths with or without inflatable dolphin, and sip two or three pools (champagne cocktail/ice cubes, not pond water).

As an anachronistic bonus: Dj Turky’s post-war playlist, perfect for a boring afternoon, the Balajo band and Marthy & Miss Dee, who officiated in period costumes for a vintage dance lesson and the setting of these ladies with rollers and lacquer to gogo (Yazbukey passed there). On the men’s side, gomina expert and comb maestro Micky Barber has tacked shaggy shirsute to the arm. A real hype rockabilization to engrave in memories.

Art and how to make us forget the holidays. Divine! B.B.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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