Comptoir des Cotonniers celebrates Sarah Lavoine

Boutique Comptoir des Cotonniers


Comptoir des Cotonniers gets a new look! The family firm returns to what made the success of its beginnings with a mother/daughter duo well known to the trendy: Sarah and Yasmine Lavoine… And hires the (very) talented Anne-Valérie Hash as artistic director.

What better way to celebrate all these good resolutions than a private evening in the heart of Paris, in his Saint-Sulpice boutique? Nothing. Especially when you know that it was Sarah Lavoine who personally designed the Germanopratin space… A”Sarah blue” decor, in harmony with the indigo palette of the new collection, which visitors will only be able to enjoy until the end of July. But the friends of the brand and its new muse were the first to celebrate it, of course, on April 9. Champagne!

Comptoir des Cotonniers
12 Place Saint-Sulpice
75006 Paris

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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