Comptoir des Cotonniers SLASH party

Le Pompon - Paris IIe


Anne-Valérie Hash has just been appointed Creative Director of the company and unveils her very first piece for Comptoir des Cotonniers: the SLASH sneakers. A symbiotic alliance of style and easy chic, this immaculate little sneaker is likely to enter the it of summer as well as all the good Parisian locker rooms – its diagonally twisted lacing and its leopard sole in the head. Tremble, Stan Smith, you’re not alone anymore!

Great launch party, last night, to celebrate the imminent and expected release of the shoe that can be found from April 30 in a selection of shops and on the e-shop. As a girl’s sneakers, the cocktail brought together a cascade of beautiful flowers at the Pompon with Saywho’s complicity, around the set of the delicious Clémentine Lévy and her ambassadresses from the four corners of the City of Light. Chic and cool.

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