Crescendo Dinner

Chez Martine Sitbon


Alexandra Senes, fashion consultant and teacher at the Chambre Syndicale, launched a challenge at the end of the year to her 40 students: organize a dinner like a fashion show, taking into account the place, the scenography, the dress code and of course, the front row. Result up to standard, so to speak, given that the guests were placed in order of size! We had dinner by candlelight at Martine Sitbon’s, rue du Mail, in Bernardaud porcelain, Saint Louis glasses and Christofle cutlery, with the philosopher Charles Pépin, Benjamin Morando and Cédric Marszewky from Discodéne, the creator Josephus Thimister or Pascale Mussard from Hermès, and many other personalities. A success that deserves the jury’s congratulations.

Photos: Jean du Sartel
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