Girls dancing around tables at a Parisian café, skirts flying and arms in the air… No, you are not sitting at Parisian bar’s terrace at happy hour on a hot summer evening, but that may well be the case. You’re at Rouje’s headquarters, the label launched by the Parisian girl par excellence, Jeanne Damas. While fashion week was characterized by its particularly hostile temperatures, the cold does not seem to have had its entries at Rouje. Not a coat, not a scarf on the horizon. The filles en Rouje Ana Girardot, Lauren Bastide, Michaela Thomsen or Sophie Arancio (who photographs the brand’s campaigns) did not sit on the large pastel-coloured sofas for long and quickly joined Jeanne Damas on the improvised dance floor. We even saw Dame Vivienne Westwood make an appearance…

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