20.01.2017 Les Bains #lifestyle

Diamond Supply celebrates its founder and new European presence

The history of Diamond Supply Co. began in 1998 with an idea: to bring together the worlds of skate, streetwear and music. Its founder, Nick’Tershay’ Diamond, embarked on an adventure in his hometown of San Francisco, where he began creating Diamond T-shirts, hats and other accessories. Inspired by major labels such as Tommy Hilfiger, he quickly distinguished himself by tailoring his idea to the image of a skateboard scene that he knows like the back of his hand. The success is immediate, even brutal, and propels the creator-entrepreneur on the front of the streetwear scene. The sequel takes place in Los Angeles where he sponsors a number of renowned skaters. The consecration came in 2005: a collaboration with Nike on a pair of sneakers that broke away in record time.

As the brand approaches its 20th anniversary, Diamond continues to evolve. 2017 marks the opening of its new headquarters in a city where skateboarding is king: Barcelona. A choice which allows the label, already largely influential on the American market, to set foot in Europe – and in France in particular. Thus, there is no better opportunity than the men’s fashion week in Paris to bring together the brand’s unconditional supporters and Parisian influencers. The evening at the Baths, organized on Nick Diamond’s birthday by Jey Noname, made the crowd dance in an underground disco atmosphere lit by giant diamond wall projections. The opportunity also to let yourself be tempted by a new tattoo made by the tattoo artist Dylan Long Cho (l’Encrerie), or to grant yourself a very risky midnight bath…

Photos: Valentin Le Cron


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