Diesel x Edun launch Studio Africa

Gaîté Lyrique


Edun, the fair trade brand launched by Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, has teamed up with Diesel to create “Born in Africa”, a denim collection made from the finest Ugandan cotton. And nothing better than a new musical and festive entity to evangelize the good word. The Bono/Renzo Rosso tandem – respective founders – chose Studio Africa to support the operation, in collaboration with the ultra-connected Boiler Room.

Last night, the grand premiere of the series of events that will cross international hotspots was held within the walls of the Gaîté Lyrique – in very, very beautiful company, but above all in music. At the end of the African dinner served to the relatives of the two instigators, several concerts punctuated the evening and gave to the box of the museum of digital arts a second reason to be called “blackbox”. On the program: Solange Knowles, Bajoli, Batilda, and Benjamin Clémentine in acoustics. Little Dragon and the djs from Boiler Room to close the party. You should have come…

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