With “Tribute to Robert Goossens”, Goossens presents a new collection honoring the bold creativity of its founder. Son of a foundry owner in the Marais, Robert Goossens created his goldsmith’s workshop in 1950. He met Coco Chanel and worked with her to reinvent the codes of jewelry. Today, Goossens perpetuates this rich creative heritage and produces pieces for luxury houses (it has been part of Chanel’s Maisons d’Art since 2005) in addition to its own lines of jewelry and decorative objects. To celebrate its new collection—on sale at its 416 rue Saint-Honoré boutique in May—the house invited a handful of friends and journalists to a dinner by chef Olivier Le Corre, held in its workshops. Among the guests: Roxane Mesquida, Nicolas Maury, Louise Chen and Alizée Gamberini, who participated in a demonstration led by artistic director Patrick Goossens (son of the founder). In addition to the inspirations behind this haute couture collection, they discovered key aspects of the sector’s exceptional technique and creativity.

Photos: Jean Picon
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