21.03.2018 Carreau du Temple #art

Drawing Now Art Fair and the stroke of contemporary art

Drawing lovers know this event well. In March, the Carreau du Temple is dressed in the colours of the Drawing Now Art Fair, a fair created twelve years ago by Christine Phal and Carine Tissot. For this twelfth edition, the place is given to discoveries. First with the “Master Now” tour designed by its artistic director Philippe Piguet to introduce the public to contemporary masterpieces (including Miró and Richard Long). Or with “BD/Drawing : Correspondances”, an exhibition devoted to comics. With 72 international galleries, 400 artists and nearly two thousand artworks, Drawing Now is without a doubt the reference in the speciality of contemporary drawing. The presence at the inauguration of great names in art, whether critics, collectors or gallery owners, such as Agnès b., François Tajan or Suzanne Tarasieve, bears witness to this. As Christine Phal and Carine Tissot initiate this year’s Month of Drawing, they presented the Drawing Now Prize to Michail Michailov, while the exhibition of its previous winner Lionel Sabatté will end tomorrow at Christie’s.

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