“Deploying the formal and fictional potential of images” is French artist Edouard Taurenbach’s intention. A graduate of the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne in Arts and Digital Media, and recent winner of the Swisslife 4-Handed Prize (2020) alongside the musician Régis Campo, Edouard Taufenbach has made a name for himself with his series of collages of images and photographs. These include “Hommage” (2015), a cubist reinterpretation of a family album, and “Spéculaire”, a series of collages based on the photographic collection of the Sébastien Lifshitz collection. Working “like an editor” on pre-existing images, the artist uses a protocol of cutting and reassembling to evoke the concept of memory. From January 31st to March 14th, Galerie Binome presents his new project, “La Méthode”, a set of 96 variations around Josef Albers’ “Hommages au carré”. To celebrate, the artist and the gallery invited friends and personalities from the art world to a “chic and offbeat” evening in the Espace Bertrand Grimont. On the agenda: discovery of the artwork followed by a bingo game hosted by Victor Dékyvère giving a lucky winner the chance to leave with one of the 96 pieces…


Photos: Michael Huard
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